A pair of gloves are tools used to cover the hands. Glover are diverged depending on their utility, models and kinds of fabric used to make them. Regarding their utilities, they are varied from the ones which can give the wearer warmth in a cold day to the ones used to give protection and safety. When gardening, every garderner also needs gloves. The gloves are used to protect the gardener wearing them from dirt itself and parasites in the dirt which come in forms of animals such as worms, and bacteries.

Without using a pair of gloves, a gardener can be contaminated by illness from the animals and bacteries. Therfore, choosing good gloves for gardening is as important as choosing good seeds for the garden as the maintenance of the garden also comes from the gardener who takes care of it. A good pair of gardening gloves has to be made of thick but breathable materials, nylon for example, for them not only to be able to provide safety and protection to the wearer but also comfort when doing the works.

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