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Onpage Optimization SEO is the optimization of the content of the website, put the keyword research results in parts of the website , such as on a Web Title (or Site Title), Description (tagline), Post Title, Post Body for more information visit SEO must be placed the for more information visit where it should be the main keywords and keyword derivatives are on the website. But remember, strictly prohibited Keyword Spamming the keywords placed the kind that is very much on the body of the post, it is hated by Google so that could damage the reputation of the website, which will result in the website difficult to enter page 1 of Google.

Consultant SEO (Search Engine Optimization) there are consultants who do website optimization techniques in order to enter the website page 1 of Google for more information visit He can provide advice relating to the optimization at a time can work on optimization of the website for more information visit The purpose of this research is to know whatever word you typed in the Search Engines especially Google to search for information related to the website. For example, if the correct word: selling homes, typed in Google by Internet users who are looking for information on homes for sale.